Report: A Bill To Lift All Travel Restriction from U.S. to Cuba Introduced


Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker, author of five books on the country and close friend to Travel Agent, recently blogged on major developments concerning U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba. Baker also lets agents and consumers know what they can do to help it get passed.

In his blog,, Baker reports that four Democrats and four Republicans co-sponsored House Bill H.R. 874, introduced by William Delahunt (D-MA), to restore the right of U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba on February 4. According to Baker’s report, the bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress, but never came up for debate.

Bakers writes, “I urge everyone to contact their Congressional representatives to support this bill. Contact the Latin American Working Group (424 C St. NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202/546-7010), which campaigns to lift the travel restrictions and U.S. embargo, monitors legislation, and can advise on how representatives have voted on Cuban-related issues.” For the full text of the bill, visit Baker’s blog. 

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