Riots Continue in UK, But Levels Seem to Be Dropping

On Tuesday night, England's civil unrest unrest spread from London to other cities including Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham.

The BBC is reporting that Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that police have the legal backing to use any tactics necessary to bring the situation under control, including using baton rounds, although these would only be deployed when officers' lives were under "serious threat."
Three young men—aged from 21 to 31—died when they were hit by a car in Birmingham. Some 113 people have been arrested so far over the trouble in Manchester and Salford, where hundreds of youths looted shops and set fire to cars and buildings.

The Metropolitan Police have launched a website with up-to-the-minute information about safety in London, with a headline noting that the levels of civil disobedience are already dropping. Likewise, the government has a website with advice on how to remain safe throughout the country.

And perhaps most impressively, a group has formed to clean up the cities following the disturbances. is using Facebook and Twitter to organize volunteers, and visitors and locals alike can help make a difference wherever trouble has started.

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