The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach in Florida recently completed its more than $100 million renovation—the finishing touch being its $30 million Eau Spa, which opened in March. The 42,000-square-foot spa has 19 spa villas, gardens, shallow pools, fitness center and a host of treatments and therapies.

A trip to the spa begins in the Self-Centered Garden, an open-air sanctuary with flowing water (a tribute to the spa’s name, the French translation of “water”), wind chimes and fragrant plants such as lemon grass, lavender, jasmine and orchids. Guests can sit on swinging chairs and dangle their feet in shallow pools. There are also waterfall benches where spa-goers can enjoy a massage not by hand, but by falling water.

From the garden, guests are led to the Scrub and Polish Bar where they receive personalized aromatherapy designed by the resident mixologist. Spa Director Kirstie Belitho says, “We call this interactive product creation ‘scrub couture.’ A professional mixologist works with guests, allowing them to experiment with and discover a combination of skin detox and polishing, resulting in a customized body cocktail they can play with in the bath lounge and later bring home.”

After a scrub and polish, guests visit one of the 19 villas, which can be custom-designed to the guest’s tastes, including the use of color therapy and LED lights to set the tone. Blue lights offer relaxation, red is to energize and gold is to promote balance. Treatments at the villas include precious gem- and metal-infused facials, such as the platinum and diamond blends. Twelve of the villas offer private gardens and three are devoted to couples. The couples’ villas include gardens, soaking tubs and outdoor rainfall showers.

In addition to facials, massage and body detox, Eau Spa offers beauty treatments. This includes treatment for nails and lashes, waxing, makeup and hair styling. The spa’s Bejeweled Collection, a pure platinum leaf face mask, has anti-aging and healing benefits. Guests should try one of the Eau Spa Collections, which combine treatments with champagne and lunch from the Spa Café. There is even a Wedding Collection designed for brides, grooms and wedding parties.

We like the spa’s funky touches, such as the disco balls in the steam rooms and the floor-to-ceiling showers in the bath lounges with color-changing water. Your clients can enjoy  the special Moonlight Parties where they can relax under the stars in the Self-Centered Garden with wine and music played by the resident DJ.

Those traveling with teens can make the spa a family event. Eau Spa offers beauty services for teens 18 and under.

Agents should contact Eau Spa at 561-540-4960, or visit

—Meagan Drillinger


The Wishing Well in the Rotunda at Eau Spa is perfect for relaxation

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