Riu Hotels and Resorts Responds to Tunisia Terrorist Attack

writingCarmen and Luis Riu have released a statement concerning the recent terrorist attack in Tunisia. 38 people were killed in the Friday attack at the Riu Imperial Barhaba.

"In the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attack that cost the lives of many of our clients in Tunisia, we are deeply saddened by the tragedy that this has been for the victims, their family members, and also for the employees of the Riu Imperial Marhaba hotel," the statement read. "We have been following the events minute by minute, relying on our directors who travelled there to quickly and efficiently manage the situation together with the Tunisian authorities and tour operators."

"We are especially proud of the reaction by the hotel employees in view of the terrorist attack. Their conduct was exemplary, as also underscored today by the Ministers of the Interior of the United Kingdom, Germany and France, after a visit to the location and the hotel. The Tunisian Minister of the Interior also adopted this stance after issuing a refutation on the rumours regarding alleged failures to react by our security employees. Contrary to what was published, and which the Tunisian Minister of the Interior has already rectified, our employees acted swiftly, as is evident and has been verified, by immediately calling the police and the state security forces, and not hesitating to put their own lives at risk to protect our clients.

"As the hours pass, we continue to receive through social media and traditional news outlets increasingly emotional eyewitness accounts from clients, thanking our hotel’s employees for having hidden them, for aiding in their escape or protecting them with what they had in their reach, sometimes using their own bodies.

"We have no words to express our gratitude and deep respect for each of the employees of the Riu Imperial Marhaba hotel, especially our security service, for their courage and professionalism. Their engagement and sense of responsibility managed to avoid the addition of further guests to the list of victims."

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