Singapore Climbs Country Brand Index

Singapore is making strides as far as country brands go. It moved up 11 slots to number 13 on FutureBrand's latest Country Brand Index, which ranks the world's top country brands. It also earned the titles of Best Country Brand for "Shopping" and "Easist to Do Business In." It was listed in the top five in terms of Best Country Brand for "Business," "Conferences," "Advanced Technology," "Standard of Living," "Fine Dining," "Ease of Travel," and "Best New Country for Business."

This year's index looks at rankings and trends, themes in nation building and marketing issues. It studies the strengths and weaknesses of the Top 10 country brands, as well as the "Next 10" in slots 11-20. New topics introduced this year include the political and economic sides of country branding. discrepancies between perception and reality of a brand, and "A New Focus on Value," which addresses one of the chief motivators in travel and tourism this year.