On Site: Hoteliers: Isla Mujeres is More Than a Day Trip

ACAPULCO, Mexico – At the annual Mexico Tianguis Turistico, Travel Agent spoke with several Isla Mujeres hoteliers and members of the tourism board, all of whom were trying to relay the message to the industry that Isla Mujeres is more than just a day trip.

“Everyone just thinks Isla Mujeres is a place to go for the day when visiting Cancún,” says Ignacio Acosta Casanova, manager of the Posada del Mar Hotel & Beach Club, “but we are so much more than that.”

And Travel Agent agrees. In fact, the destination is home to two incredible luxury resorts, Rolandi Thalasso Spa Gourmet & Beach Club and Secreto, as well as a host of other luxury gems for couples looking to get away.

Rolandi is home to 35 suites, 15 of which were just added about two years ago, while Secreto houses just nine luxury suites. These two hotels are just a small example of the luxury boutique resorts the destination offers.

Isla Mujeres is also home to some of the best fishing in Mexico as well as the increasingly popular whale shark tours, which take place between May 16 to September 16 each year.

“The older generation like mine knows what Isla Mujeres has to offer,” says Giancarlo Frigerio, general manager of Rolandi, “ but it´s the younger generation, between 25 and 40, who only know Isla Mujeres as a place to get away for a day when visiting Cancún. But we have so much to offer for more than a day. We are the perfect destination for a full trip. We think people will find that out soon.”

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