The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Paris

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The Eastern philosophy of the famed Mandarin hotel group even carries over to its spa. The over 9,000 square ft. spa in the lower level of the hotel is a calm, meditative oasis. The large range of signature treatments and therapies has been developed using traditional Chinese medicine and master aroma therapists.

I personally experienced one of the massages, which I thought was one of the best I have ever had in Paris. The waiting area was quite inviting and before my massage, I was interviewed by the masseuse to ask me about my general health and if I had any special requirements. I was given a ceramic mug with calming tea and a pair of special slippers before I entered the massage room, along with a hot towel to calm my feet. Most spas I have been to you have to go to a locker room to change and then there is the awkwardness of walking down the hallways in a bathrobe and slippers. I liked the special touch at the Mandarin of having a changing locker in the massage room. After I changed, the massage therapist offered a choice of essential oils that were exclusively mixed for the hotel, which included lavender, chamomile, Ylang Ylang, mandarin, ginger, and rose. I lay on the massage table and the massage therapist rubbed the lavender oil in and sent me to never, never land with her deep and penetrating but relaxing massage. I woke about an hour and twenty minutes later feeling completely relaxed and revitalized. After I dressed, the massage therapist asked me how I was feeling and offered me a most delicious, light fruity pastry and a cup of tea. It was the perfect finale to a most delightful early afternoon.

After my massage I took a tour of the stunning pool with a waterfall and luxurious daybeds lining the perimeter. I inquired about the cosmetics and skin care products that lined the shelves of the reception area and the receptionist gave me a thorough initiation of the appealing products, many which were sold exclusively at the spa.

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