Spain's Soccer Victories Can Promote Sports Travel

In 2008, Spain's soccer team won the UEFA European Football Championship (popularly known as Euro 2008). Two years ago, they won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. And yesterday, the boys pulled a three-peat by winning Euro 2012 in a tight game against Italy—the first time a national team has ever won three of these prestigious trophies in a row.

And while the coverage is great news for the country—which has faced some negative financial issues in recent months—Blanca Perez-Sauquello, deputy director of the Tourist Office of Spain in New York City, believes that the impact the victories will have on Spain's tourism scene may not be visible right away. "It's more long-term," she told Travel Agent. "It helps to position us in the consumer's mind, and helps them have a friendly view of the country." She added that the Tourist Office would be using social media to capitalize on the wins.

Spain's soccer victories represent the country's values, she added, "like working together and being humble. We are fighting and trying and that's why we won."

Brunilda DeJesus of Mainly Spain notes another side effect of the two victories: The nation's success at soccer and tennis have helped kid and teen summer camp traffic. "Who wouldn't want to enjoy a couple of weeks in Spain while the kids work up a healthy sweat at a nearby camp?" she quipped. Even better: Girls are welcome at the camps as well, making them ideal for a whole-family getaway.

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