Stats: Miami Tops Short-Haul Destinations for Summer Travel

Miami // Photo by Mindy_Nicole_Photography/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
Photo by Mindy_Nicole_Photography/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Miami topped a list of short-haul destinations for summer in Sojern’s Q2 Global Travel Insights report, which is based on travel intent data from 350 million traveler profiles gathered by Sojern’s travel marketing platform.

The report delves into travel search patterns for the start of summer. According to Sojern, North American travelers are looking for shorter, more local trips, possibly in response to the current political climate of Brexit and U.S. travel bans.

Miami was the top short-haul destination in terms of searches for travel at the start of summer, followed by Las Vegas, New York, Orlando and Los Angeles. Top long-haul destinations were Cancun, London, Paris, San Juan and Guadalajara.

Seattle also made an appearance on the list of top sightseeing destinations for early travel planners.

In terms of booking windows, the first days in June topped the list, as these dates typically coincide with the start of the summer school holidays. Additionally, June 30 came in as the second-most popular departure date. June 30 is the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend.

The most popular departure days for both short- and long-haul travel were Thursday and Friday, followed closely by Saturday. In terms of travel searches, travelers searched most on Tuesday, followed by Monday.

Solo travel was the most popular category, with parties of a single traveler representing 65 percent of short-haul and 64 percent of long haul searches, followed by parties of two (at 23 percent and 24 percent, respectively) and parties of three or more (12 percent for both).

Source: Sojern