Staying Afloat...Or Airborne

In tumultuous times, it’s fascinating to see how some companies thrive and some have to pick up their toys and go home. This past week, for example, Peter Deilmann Cruises announced that they would be closing up shop by the end of the summer. A few days before that announcement, Holland America introduced its newest ship, the Signature-class ms Nieuw Amsterdam, and Cunard released the upcoming itineraries for the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth.  

Meanwhile, airlines across Europe had more than their share of troubles this week. Lufthansa announced new fuel surcharges on many flights, several SkyEurope planes were grounded due to unpaid fees at airports, and British Airways staff agreed to work for free. But British Airways also acknowledged the possibility of resuming commissions to travel agents—a move that may indicate a more proactive approach to keeping their business in the air.

So when times get tough, what do you do to stay afloat? Are you increasing your services to your clients to keep them moving, or cutting back? Are your approaches reactive or proactive?

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