Swiss Resort Offers Environmentally Friendly Skiing

Baobab Expeditions is offering an adventure ski trip that encourages sustainable tourism at the Whitepod Resort in the Swiss Alps.
Fifteen luxury pods (domed tents) are pitched on wooden platforms in an altitude of over 5,000 feet, next to seven kilometers of challenging ski slopes for the exclusive use of Whitepod guests. The pods are naturally insulated to retain heat, and each has its own wood burning stove along with organic luxury bedding on king size beds and en-suite bathroom. Easy chairs are set in front of porthole-style windows to capture spectacular views of the Alps which may also be enjoyed from the pod’s terrace.

In the center of the pods is a wooden chalet—the Chalet des Cerniers—where guests can socialize, have meals and shower. In keeping with the philosophy of Whitepod, only organic and local food is prepared in inventive cuisine. A spa for après-ski massages is on the second floor and, while there is electricity and running water in the chalet, it runs on solar power and windmills.

The ski slopes are ideal for beginners and intermediates. There is also snowboarding and snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, dog-sledding, paragliding and hiking.

Rates are $351 from now until December 19. From December 19 to January 8 and from February 2 to February 28, prices are $551 and from January 9 until February 2, $450. Rates are per person per night.

Visit or call 214-282-9108.