Thailand Launches First-Ever TV Campaign in the U.S. (WITH VIDEO)


The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched its first-ever TV ad campaign in the U.S. targeting "Forever Young" Baby Boomers. 

The TV ad is part of an integrated campaign targeting major U.S. cities. New York-based marketing firm Global Advertising Strategies has been tasked with carrying out the TV campaign that focuses on such key US markets as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and runs during flagship shows on History Channel, National Geographic, the Travel Channel, CNN, AMC, TNT, and ABC, among others.

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand is gradually increasing its promotional activity in the US after losing market share to the easily accessible Caribbean getaways. Historically known for its pristine beaches, good weather, exotic cuisine, and superior hospitality, Thailand’s new messages emphasize the unparalleled variety of experiences available to the US travelers. The current campaign includes print, TV, and online advertising, as well as a revamped social media effort.

“The new baby boomer traveler is no longer a passive consumer looking for a traditional fly and flop holiday experience,” said Srimala Waraphaskul, Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand, New York. “They look for an unforgettable, customizable, and authentic interaction with each destination, and we are prepared to offer them just that and more.”

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More than 70 million people currently residing in the United States identify as Baby Boomers. No longer considered “over-the-hill” in their late 50s and 60s, most have already experienced their fair share of mainstream destinations, and are seeking out more exotic travel thrills, the Tourism Authority of Thailand said. 

“We are seeing several key trends among the “Forever Young” Baby Boomer generation,” said Anna Abelson, Head of Travel & Tourism Practice at Global Advertising Strategies, the firm responsible for latest Thai Tourism TV campaign. “Whether they are traveling to fulfill their bucket lists or want to remain youthful through active adventures, they crave once-in-a-lifetime trips and destinations. This campaign positions Thailand as the premier choice for such travel.”