Tianguis Turistico 2012 to be Held Outside of Acapulco for First Time

A nearly 40-year-old tradition will end next year when the 37th Annual Tianguis Turistico will be held outside of Acapulco for the first time in the popular Mexico trade show’s history.

Heavy rumors surfaced about the possible change of venue during our recent coverage of the 36th Annual Tianguis Turistico about two weeks ago. It was then confirmed shortly after the show’s conclusion that officials had decided to officially move the location of the show. The new host destination, however, has not been chosen.

At a press conference, accompanied by the Director General of the council of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) Rodolfo López Negrete; President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) Mario Sanchez Ruiz and other important tourism officials, the head of tourism ministry said that this decision will strengthen the country's tourist activity.

The President of the National Tourist Business Council Pablo Azcarraga said that changing the venue of Tianguis will be a great opportunity for all other destinations to show the world their tourism capabilities.

And Travel Agent agrees that the change was needed.

During our recent coverage of the show, it was clear that many buyers and suppliers simply didn’t have the budget to participate in this expensive show. Low attendance could also be attributed to the difficulty of getting to Acapulco, which offers only a small fraction of the direct flights that its fellow Mexican destination, Cancun, offers.

And that’s precisely the reason we heard Cancun constantly being mentioned as a possible favorite to take over the show, although many people would like to see the show moved to Mexico City or even Puerto Vallarta, which recently opened a new convention center that can hold roughly 5,000 people.

“Cancun doesn’t need the business,” one buyer told us on the floor. “But it would sure make everyone’s life easier getting there.”

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