Tianguis Turistico 2013 Closes

TeamTianguis Turistico is the premier annual platform for business and promotion of tourism in Mexico.  This year, the event took place in the historic Puebla, Mexico, the first colonial city ever to host it, with a record number of participants.

At the close of the conference, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu and Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno Valle happily announced a registered 26,288 business meetings, which help to promote Mexico’s tourist destinations at an unprecedentedly global scale.  

The event was attended by 673 buyers, 319 of which were domestic, with the remaining 354 from 42 other countries, as well as representatives from all of Mexico’s 32 states.  Countries who made their debut were Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, The Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador, indicating the event’s widening influence.  

The 2014 Tianguis Turistico will take place in Quintana Roo, where Governor Roberto Borge says he believes it has become a significant driver of business within the tourism industry, and his goal will be to surpass previous years’ success in numbers and networking opportunities.  He believes tourism to be a major source of employment and economic growth, and plans to invest 100 billion pesos in tourism infrastructure.

For more information visit www.tianguisturisticomexico.com.mx.