Top Seven Ski Safety Tips for the Upcoming Season

As the 2011 to 2012 ski season begins, Travel Insured has offered the following tips to keep your clients safe on the slopes this winter.

1.    Wear a helmet, but ski smart- The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) estimates helmets reduce minor head injuries by 30 to 50 percent, but will not prevent major head injuries due to reckless skiing. Certain states, such as New Jersey, require children and teens age 17 and under to wear ski helmets- be sure to check local laws and regulations before you go.
2.    Leave the trail at your own risk- Most travel insurance plans do not include coverage if you are injured during reckless skiing, and many ski area Search and Rescue organizations require off-trail skiers to reimburse the costs of bailing them out.
3.    Ski with a buddy- Having a prearranged meeting point and a mobile phone can prevent you from getting lost.
4.    Use ski goggles- They improve visibility, especially in white fog conditions.
5.    Buy the right coverage for races- Basic travel insurance may not cover a client when they join a ski race or other winter sports event, but more specialized plans, such as Travel Insured’s Sports Coverage, cover these activities.
6.    Protect your equipment- If a client’s luggage is lost or delayed en route, they may be forced to buy or rent new equipment at their destination. Certain travel insurance plans will reimburse the cost of the rental.
7.    Keep an eye on the weather- While a snowstorm makes for great skiing the next day, getting caught en route could mean losing valuable time on the slopes. Some travel insurance can reimburse clients who are delayed in their arrival by a minimum number of hours due to foul weather.


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