Tourism Cares Announces First Winner of Legacy in Travel Philanthropy Award

Micato Safaris
Tourists Giving Back with Micato Safaris // photo by Micato Safaris

Tourism Cares, a nonprofit that links the tourism and travel industries together in order to support emerging and at-risk destinations, has just announced the winner of its first-ever Legacy in Travel Philanthropy Award: Micato Safaris and its affiliated nonprofit, AmericaShare. The award was created to recognize a company that continually demonstrates social responsibility.

Micato Safaris is a luxury safari company that operates safaris in several African nations. The company was established in 1966 and is a family-run business.

A panel of four industry experts examined and compared top travel companies against four different criteria, including results over time, level of commitment and investment, integration of social responsibility into their business and, lastly, innovation.

Micato excelled in all four categories. More specifically, Micato gives back to Mukuru, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, providing programs that help students graduate high school. They also provide travelers the chance to sponsor a child’s education through a scholarship sponsorship program. 

“Since the first day we began operating our safaris in Africa nearly 50 years ago, we’ve been a part of a community, and it became clear to us early on that we couldn’t just witness and empathize with the community problems – the endangered, fragile habitats and the poverty. We had to be part of the solution,” said managing director of Micato Safaris, Dennis Pinto.

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