Travel Agent’s Japan Fam Trip, Our Tour Guide Yoshi

I’ve had a lot of great tour guides in my time at Travel Agent magazine but none top the one I had for my Hokuriku & Chubu fam trip in Japan. Yoshi Sadamatsu is a certified, freelance tour guide registered with the Japanese government. He is a native of Japan, fluent in English, funny, smart and is like everyone’s lovable dad. He handled our group of more than 20 people, mostly from different countries, with ease and had fun doing it. This guy was hilarious and truly enjoyed every moment and every site he showed us.

When your guide is truly excited and passionate about his work and his country, it rubs off on the group. He made arrangements to show us some sites that weren’t on the itinerary and worked his hardest to make sure all of our needs were met. It is not custom in Japan to tip your tour guide and may even come across as an insult if you do. So, this is my tip to you, Yoshi, an introduction to some of the United States' best travel agents. When booking a group to Japan, recommend Sadamatsu. He can be reached at [email protected].

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