Travelport Adds Cuba Air Travel Booking for Travel Agents

cubaTravelport has announced that Travelport travel agencies in the United States can now search, sell, and book air content for travel to and from Cuba for authorized travelers, consistent with applicable law and pursuant to an appropriate agreement between Travelport and the agency. 

The announcement follows the new rules issued in January by the Obama administration that modified travel restrictions to Cuba for U.S. citizens.

In order to search and book air travel to Cuba, Travelport travel agencies in the United States -- including American Samoa, Guam, North Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands -- will be required to sign a contract amendment with Travelport before gaining access to Cuba air travel content.

Once a travel agency signs the contract amendment, Travelport will activate the agency to search and sell air travel to and from Cuba for travel authorized by the United States government. 

Following the January announcement, in early June, the House of Representatives voted against relaxing Cuba travel restrictions, highlighting Congressional opposition to warmer relations with the country. At the same time, tourism officials at Caribbean Week in New York warned that serious obstacles to Cuba travel were still to come.