'Tube Tour' Offers Unique Way to Explore London

Insider London's private "Tube Tour" reveals the fascinating facts and surprising stories behind the "equally loved and loathed" London Underground.
The new Underground and Tube Tour travels across 150 years of history in just two hours.
Highlights include:

*    Traveling chronologically from the first ever Tube station to one of its most futuristic
Discovering how the Victorians dug all those tunnels – by hand
*    The tropical insects that live only in the Underground
*    The man behind the 'Mind the Gap' voice
*    The sub-service lines forming the tube's visionary future

Alternatively, for a full day's excursion, check out Insider London’s Underground Epic Tube Tour. This six-hour odyssey moves both above ground and below to show remarkable sights such as its bomb shelter architecture and the scandalous figures at the Underground's headquarters.

Visit www.insider-worldwide.com/london-underground-tours.