Two Hurricanes on the Path to Hawaii

hurricaneMultiple media outlets are reporting that both Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio, although expected to weaken first, are poised to reach Hawaii in the coming days. 

Iselle will weaken before reaching Hawaii this week, but the Aloha State won't be completely unscathed as heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas are still expected to affect the islands. 

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Although currently a powerful Category 3 hurricane, meteorologists expect Iselle to weaken considerably over the next several days and become a tropical storm before reaching the islands. Iselle will be moving into a wedge of cool water just east of the Hawaiian Islands. Once a Category 4 hurricane, Iselle had 85 mph winds Wednesday morning, making it a Category 1 storm. Iselle was located about 720 miles east-southeast of Hilo and was moving northwest at 15 mph.

Tropical storm watches were in effect for Hawaii County, Maui County and Oahu, and tropical storm conditions were expected to start being felt there in the next day, according to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center. 

Heavy rain, gusty winds and building seas and surf will affect the islands during the second half of the week. There is a possibility of isolated incidents of flash flooding, mudslides and damaging wind gusts. Also, Mike Smith, senior vice president of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, warns of potential power failures, especially in Honolulu.

According to, the Big Island will be the first to feel the impacts from Iselle as it is forecast to reach the island by Thursday night, local time. At present track, the Big Island will take a direct hit from the storm before passing just south of the smaller islands, such as Maui or Oahu. Due to the projected track of the storm, areas on the northern and eastern portions of the islands will likely feel greater effects than the southern and western sides. However, if the projected path of the storm shifts, so would the areas expected to feel the highest impacts, according to the report.

And a tropical threat for Hawaii will not end with Iselle.

The fifth hurricane of the 2014 eastern Pacific season, Julio was located about 1,650 miles east of Hilo on Wednesday morning and was moving west-northwest at 17 mph, according to

According to that report, Julio had winds of 75 mph, making it a weak Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Julio was looking a little ragged Wednesday morning. The storm's eyewall was open on the north side, and satellite images suggest dry air is being taken into the storm on the north side as well. However, according to report, after 36 hours, however, a weakening trend should begin and Julio is expected to be a tropical storm as it nears Hawaii.

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