Vail + Beaver Creek - Winter = Different Type of Fun


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Although the current brand phrase for Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado is "Like nothing on Earth," there was a different message at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan on Thursday. As several rerepresentatives said, "People go to Vail for skiing but stay for the summer."

The big news of the event was that Carmichael Training System, which helped Lance Armstrong train for his return to the Tour de France during his comeback from cancer, is opening a Vail High Performance Camp for exercise and cycling enthusiasts. The camp includes four days of biking as well as training exercises and expert sessions. We knew Vail was a health and therapy-minded place when we spoke with representatives from the Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa, but now we know it's year-round.


Attendees could ride Carmichael Training Systems spinners that simulate terrain in Vail

But the cycling camp isn't the only outdoor sports event about which the destinations are excited. The Teva Mountain Games come to the mountains in June, and include four days of biking, rafting and even dog competitions plus more.

In addition to pitching the outdoor adventure activities, like cycling, rafting, hiking and more, representatives touted the cultural events for the summer which could serve as great selling points for agents. For starters, the Bravo Vail Valley Music Festival features three months of live music from the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmoic, which is spending its eighth season in Vail this summer. Get a taste of what travelers can expect at this event by checking out the performace by cellist Sophie Chow below.

With music comes dancing, which is why the Vail International Dance Festival companions the Bravo Vail Valley Music Festival from late July through mid-August. Featured performers include the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Grupo de Rua, and more. Unfortunately there were no dance demonstrations, but a few posters at the event showed attendees what they could expect this summer, as seen below.

With the ski season in Vail and Beaver Creek lasting through April, there's still plenty of time to send your clients to some of the more popular skiing in North America (we can attest for Beaver Creek after a trip to The Osprey last year). But don't let winter pass without checking out what summer has to offer, the festivals and sporting events sell out before you know it. As for how the activities are at the mountains during the summer, instead of trying to explain it to you in words, check out the video below for your own impression.