Venice Considers Tourism Tax

Venice, The Bridge of SighsWorrisome news for Italy-bound travelers: The Telegraph is reporting that Venice is planning to install an entry tax for the more than 20 million people who visit the city each year.

Many of these visitors, the article claims, are "day-trippers" who do not use the city's hotels or restaurants, which seriously affects not only the tourism industry but Venice's economy as a whole.

To combat this shortfall, the government has drawn up a draft plan that would allow Venetian authorities to extract a one-off tariff from visitors who fly into Marco Polo airport, arrive by train or disembark from the cruise liners that access the city from the Adriatic.

The cost of the tax is still being discussed, but the city's last mayor, Massimo Cacciari, who stepped down earlier this year, had suggested imposing a one euro levy on all cruise ship passengers.

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