VisitBritain Appoints Global Leader for 2012 Games Media

VisitBritain has made a new appointment to help maximize the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and benefit the whole of British tourism.

Paul Gauger takes up the new role of Global Leader for 2012 Games Media from April 2010. He will focus particularly on broadcast media worldwide, drawing on his experience as media relations director for VisitBritain Americas and from the relationship with U.S. rights-holding broadcaster, NBC. He will increase the number of international broadcasters visiting and reporting on all parts of England, Scotland and Wales as a result of London hosting the Games.

Paul will also work alongside Visit London in establishing the London Media Centre— predominantly to address the needs of non-accredited media in Britain during 2012— and advise the tourism industry on media opportunities. The new position reports to VisitBritain's director of marketing, Laurence Bresh.

Paul has extensive experience in delivering the Olympic and Paralympic Games media program for Tourism Australia in the lead up to Sydney 2000. He assisted over 2000 visiting print and broadcast journalists generating favorable publicity around the world worth 2.6 billion dollars (AUD). He also helped establish and sat on the board of management of the Sydney Media Centre for non-accredited journalists.