Waterfall Cave Expedition in Belize

On day two of Travel Agent’s week-long tour of Belize, I had the opportunity to take part in a day trip at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch.

The famous adventure company and jungle lodge is located about an hour away from San Ignacio, where I’m currently staying, and roughly two and half hours from the airport in Belize City.

This is the perfect place for girls or guys getaways. Of course couples are also a perfect fit for this hotel, but since it offers an array of adventures from cave tubing to nighttime jungle safaris, it offers a perfect opportunity for friends to bond.

I tried out the Waterfall Cave Expedition, which costs $90 per person and includes two tour guides and a lunch inside the cave. You start off hiking through a jungle for roughly 25 minutes before you reach a nearly two-mile long cave that’s about 300 feet deep, which is actually considered a “baby” cave in Belize, according to my main tour guide, Darrel.

The trip definitely requires guests to be in at least moderate health and it involves some strenuous hiking, climbing and ultimately jumping from mini cliffs inside the cave up to about 50 feet high.

The lunch is served on a table-shaped rock right in the middle of the journey. The guides bring sandwich meat, cheese and other toppings along with water and juice.

If your clients are adventurous and want to see what Belize truly offers, I highly recommend this tour and this resort.

The hotel holds up to about 100 people, has a nice restaurant and bar and offers great packages that includes room rates and as many tours as you’d like.

Visit www.cavesbranch.com.


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