What Makes a Great Destination Wedding or Honeymoon Travel Agent?

What makes a great destination wedding or honeymoon travel agent? Expert Jacqueline Johnson shares her tips.


Nothing beats the knowledge of a destination, hotel, cruise line or transportation. Knowing your product and being able to articulate the benefits to your customer is a very valued service.


Two emotionally drained people want to plan the best wedding ever, or the greatest honeymoon, whose memories will last a lifetime. Resist the urge to instantly inform them of the “great destination or place” that you know. Instead, talk about their lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Then call back each one individually and confirm what their “must have” is for this trip of a lifetime. Find out if they have already visited the destination you have in mind. If yes, ask them if they had taken another partner along at the time.


I live by a motto—“if it is not in writing, it never happened.” Make sure anything that is said and, more importantly, prices quoted are put in writing. This will take care of any misunderstanding that may arise later.


Develop a roster of personal contacts for every hotel, destination or cruise line you work with. Have a name, direct dial or e-mail that will get you answers and preferred treatment. This will streamline the process and make it faster. Of course, you will also get paid quicker.

Upsell the Market

Let the couple know what they get when they opt for a cheap package or go for the “Free Wedding.” Remind them this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, they are not planning for an average vacation. They will want photos and memories of the event for years to come. So, you want to make sure they do it right. Seventy-two percent women planning a wedding or honeymoon are particular about the details and want to do it right.


If the couple has their heart set on a hotel or destination, convey to them honestly what the experience will be. Remember, brochures and photos can be misleading. It is your expertise they will be paying for (yes, you are charging for your expertise), so make this their best trip ever.

Recommended Service Provider

On my recent visit to Jamaica, I found this awesome gem, the intimate Treasure Beach Resort in St. Elizabeth on the south coast. With solar water heating, recycling, etc., the resort upholds the principles of eco-tourism. Lush vegetation and picturesque ocean views await at every turn.

With only 32 rooms, the attention to detail, and an energetic and hospitable staff, a memorable experience is a given.

Get in touch with Director of Operations Jennifer Brotherton or Supervisor Melonia Wallace at 876-965-0110/2305 or treasurebeachhot[email protected]. For more information, agents can write to me at [email protected].

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