Enterprise Rent-A-Car Introduces EV Rental in Portland


(c) 2011 Nissan

Enterprise Rent-A-Car in downtown Portland can now rent the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) rentals. The move comes part of the company's largest EV rental roll out. Enterprise installed a charging station at the rental location and there is no refueling cost for returning a vehicle with less than a full charge. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car neighborhood network will offer these new EVs, including all electric Nissan LEAFs and extended range of Chevy Volts in new markets including North Carolina. The vehicles will also be available through the WeCar car sharing program.

Lee Broughton, head of sustainability for Enterprise Holdings, said,"this is a chance for our customers to rent the future today, whether for a test drive, a fuel-efficient rental, or just out of curiosity. Adding EVs to our fleet is a priority and we are committed to bringing them to our customers."

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