Europe Express Encourages Exploring Italy's Veneto Region


Europe Express is encouraging agents re-think the way they sell Italy’s Veneto region to groups. Once they get beyond Venice, families and other groups can try cruising on Lake Garda, sparkling wine tastings, exploring World Heritage Sites, scenic mountain excursions, visiting villas and dining at hidden gem restaurants

Paula McKay, president of Europe Express, noted that while visitors are eager to explore all of Tuscany—from Florence to Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Cortona and Lucca—and will stay off-the-beaten-path at a Chianti villa while visiting cities by day, they are rarely eager to try the same in the Veneto region. “Groups can visit the island of Venice on a day trip from a wonderful, uncongested and affordable base destination in the region,” she said.

For example, visitors can opt for hotels in Treviso, a destination best known for its sparkling wine industry, or Padua, a historic city known for its Botanical Garden and convenient access to the Brenta Canal villas; both of these cities are located a short train ride away from Venice. Slightly further from the island, groups who prefer villa properties can stay nearby the World Heritage Cities of Vicenza, the home of Italy’s Palladian villas, and Verona - a city known for its Roman monuments and proximity to the wine estates lining Lake Garda. For an Alpine experience, groups could add a night in Belluno, surrounded by the Dolomite Mountains. 

Due to flight availability, arriving to and departing from Veneto is convenient for Americans. Europe Express can help travel agents book regional trains and private coaching to refashion itineraries for groups in search of more-affordable and less-touristy experiences. For more information, contact Europe Express’ Group Travel Department at 800-565-7236.