Faroe Islands to Partially Reopen on June 15

Faroe Islands Gasadalur waterfall
Photo by FedevPhoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The Faroe Islands announced it will open the borders for travelers from Denmark and Iceland on June 15, according to Guide to Faroe Islands. Travelers from Germany and Norway will also be allowed to visit Faroe Islands via Denmark. The Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen announced the reopening at a press conference in the capital Tórshavn on May 29. 

Since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis started all non-essential travel to the Faroe Islands has been banned. Despite an initial spike in imported cases, no new cases have been reported for over a month and the country has been COVID-19 free since the beginning of May. The Faroe Islands have avoided COVID-19 related casualties.

A tourism boom had been expected in the Faroe Islands in 2020. Parts of the new James Bond movie have been shot on the islands and new flight routes to London and New York were expected to open in the year. Instead, 2020 is now expected to be a quiet year.

Earlier this year, the Faroe Islands debuted an innovative new travel tool that allowed homebound travelers to explore the destination via a live video from the point of view of a local. The Faroese locals will be equipped with a video camera, allowing virtual visitors not only to see the views from an on-the-spot perspective, but also control where and how they explore, by using their computer or phone keypad to turn, walk, run and even jump.

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