Foodie Report: Starwood's Sustainable Seafood Guides

starwoodDo you have a Millennial client who is serious about sustainable food? You might want to mention that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has launched new, easy-to-use guides to help associates select catch that protects their local communities and the environment.

Created in partnership with the New England Aquarium, the back-of-house poster, purchasing pocket guide and supplemental instruction materials guide associates to species they should avoid in their region and why, offer alternative options, and provide a list of questions they can ask suppliers to determine if seafood is sustainable.

“The type of seafood and how it is caught and farmed has a huge impact on ocean health – which in turn affects our human health, our communities, our local economies and our business,” said Andrea Pinabell, vice president of sustainability at Starwood. “Overfishing, declining seafood populations, and ocean and waterway degradation are increasing concerns. Sustainability is core to who we are and selecting premium seafood that is well sourced and traceable is already a point of pride among our chefs. Our goal is to help Starwood associates around the world make selections that protect the environment and local fishing economies, and create a better experience for consumers.”

In 2014, Starwood became the first global luxury hotelier to commit to banning shark fin in all restaurants and food and beverage services across its global portfolio. In 2012, Starwood banned all whale and sea turtle from its menus.

Earlier this year, Starwood released its Sustainable Seafood Position Statement, which is part of a larger Sustainable Food & Beverage Policy. Initially published in 2012 and updated this year, the “Eat Local, Think Global” program is a collection of principles that guides sustainable food and beverage sourcing, production, consumption and disposal within and across Starwood properties worldwide. These principles include sourcing more local foods and beverages at Starwood hotels, encouraging properties to buy from farmers who practice certified and sustainable farming, and supporting Fair Trade practices.