Frommer's 2012 List of Top Destinations

Frommers has released its 2012 list of top destinations:

Curacao – This Caribbean Island is more than a sunbather’s paradise (although the white sand beaches makes it that too), it’s also the home of the unique architecture and sophistication of Willemstad city.

Chongqing, China – This hilly city located at the confluence of the Yangzi and Jialing Rivers offers a slice of modern China, “the good, the gritty and the glamorous.”

Fukuoka, Japan – Fukuoka has established its self as a model green city by creating projects to cover walls of buildings with plants, reduce greenhouse gases by 50 percent at city landfills and create one of the world’s highest freshwater recovery rates.

Beirut, Lebanon – Despite Lebanon’s turbulent past this capital city has transformed into a cosmopolitan city with galleries, designer boutiques, downtown beaches, and a 45-minute drive to the ski slopes all amongst an intriguing mix of new and old.

Ghana – Frommers recognizes Ghana has a perfect introduction to Africa with a taste of contemporary and traditional, and beach and safari.

London's Greenwich neighborhood – Discover London’s most historic neighborhoods and naval canter complete with Maritime Greenwich, a UNESCO heritage site, along the waterfront.

Girona, Spain – Although small, this city can battle the big with drool worthy food and historic sites (cathedrals, Arabic-style bathhouses and “the best preserved Medieval Jewish ghetto in Europe) worth the trip.

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia – This mellow location boasts the highest tides in the world where tourists can walk the ocean floor, which six hours before were under 50 feet of water. The Bay of Fundy is also a spectacular place for whale and bird watching.

Kansas City, Mo. – Kansas city has a little of everything: world class art museums, history museums, college basketball, and Frommers says… BBQ.

Yucatan Peninsula – Although part of Mexico this peninsula is uniquely its own. Discover a rich Mayan history, beautiful beaches, and a safe environment which as for the most part escaped the drug violence ravaging northern Mexico.

This year, Frommer's added some demographic picks to its list. They are:
Family Destination: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Cruise Destination: Tromso, Norway
Beach Destination: Hanalei Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Adventure Destination: Moab, Utah
Food & Drink Destination: Lima, Peru
City Break Destination: Chicago
Endangered Destination: Aysen Region, Chile
Value Destination: Albanian Riviera
Destination to Get Lost: Whitsunday Islands, Australia
Frommer’s Reader’s Favorite: Turkey won by a 51 percent majority according to USA Today.