Azul Hotels by Karisma Unveils Mini Mayans Program for Children

Azul Hotels by Karisma, a collection of family-focused, Gourmet-Inclusive properties in Mexico, recently launched the new "Mini Mayans" program for children.

Mini Mayans, designed to educate kids on the Mayan culture during their stays at Azul Hotels, includes fun and interactive elements such as Give the Mayans a Mano, Mayan Cooking Classes, Mini Mayan Musicians and Tiempo de Tiles.

Families are invited to experience Mini Mayans and more this summer with savings of more than 40 percent off and kids under 13 stay free.

Mini Mayans is offered at Azul Beach Hotel, Azul Sensatori Hotel and Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma, each of which is located along the Riviera Maya in Mexico. The program features informative play sessions including:

Give the Mayans a Mano – Azul Hotels invites children to pick up where the Mayans left off and create a 2013 calendar – a fun way for children to learn about the Mayans’ distinct numerical values and choose symbols and apply this technique to important dates on their own calendars such as birthdays, holidays, and vacations!

Mayan Cooking Classes – Azul Hotels unveils a cooking program designed around authentic Mayan meals. Children will learn how to make tortillas and chocolate milk just like the ancestors by using Mayan utensils and natural cocoa, the signature ingredient, seen by the Mayans as more valuable than gold.

Mini Mayan Musicians – A fun and interactive way to learn music, Azul Hotels’ Mini Mayan Musicians enables children to build their very own instruments of wood and recyclable materials, feathers, clay, fabric and paint. Once the art is finished, kids will learn to play drums and ocean shells while putting on performances for parents and grandparents.

Tiempo de Tiles –Thousands of years ago the Mayans used to tell stories through tiles and paintings. Azul Hotels invites children to put on a Mayan costume and create their own vacation stories on tiles.

Recognizing the significance of the Mayan culture in 2012, in particular, Mini Mayans has been incorporated into the daily schedule of activities at Azul Hotels’ Azulitos Playhouses. The Azulitos Playhouses also offer Fisher-Price toys and play sessions, My Gym Children’s Fitness Center activities, skits, games, storytelling, Spanish lessons, dance and exercise lessons, weekly piñata parties and photo sessions.