El Cid Group Announces Renovations at Mazatlán Properties

The new Elite Club at El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel.(El Cid Group)

El Cid Group has announced the major renovation projects that have been taken place in its four properties and subsidiaries companies in Mazatlán during the past year.


The total renovation of the furniture, bathrooms and linens in all rooms of the four Mazatlán hotels, totaling to 1,210 rooms and suites.


La Alhambra and El Alcazar restaurants located at El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel were renovated with new furniture, flooring, and kitchen equipment. The terrace of La Concha restaurant located at El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel was 100 percent remodeled as well.

Public Areas

El Cid Group replaced the interior pool surfaces with tile that is safe for swimmers and added new illumination in all the swimming pools of the four hotels. All elevators were also renovated. 


The lobbies and lobby bars of El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel and El Cid Marina Beach Hotel were renovated by architects Ezequiel Farca and Cristina Grappin. Farca and Grappin’s incorporated natural materials and elegant touches to create a blend of design and functionality.

Guests of El Cid Marina Beach Hotel will be welcomed in a new lobby with aromatherapy and air conditioner to stimulate their senses in a space full of luxury. 

El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel’s lobby entrance offers a custom-made air balloon light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, designed by Mexican artist Betsabeé Romero. She has presented more than 100 individual exhibitions in México, the United States and Europe. The British Museum, z of México City, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Havana Biennial, Louvre Museum and other important places have witnessed her art.

Elite Club

El Cid has built a new Elite Club at El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel. In this space, guests can check in and check out, enjoy snacks and beverages, watch movies, or use one of the computers with internet access. The company also completely renovated its other Elite Club located at El Cid Marina Beach Hotel. 

Main Entrance of the El Cid Residential

The main entrance of the company’s exclusive residential in Mazatlán located in front of El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel was completely renovated with hydraulic cement and a new design of the main street and entrance.

El Cocay Amenity Spa & Gym

El Cocay Amenity Spa & Gym opened its doors at the end of 2017 at El Cid Marina Beach Hotel in Mazatlán. The space offers a fully equipped gym and a spa where guests can relax in a peaceful environment.

For more information, visit www.elcid.com.

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