Expedia Launches New Green Travel Guide

Expedia has increased the green resources available to its customers with the launch of The Green Travel Guide with the help of Sustainable Travel International (STI). The move underscores that today’s travelers are increasingly interested in gauging the sustainable business practices of hotels and other travel suppliers. STI worked with Expedia to develop the criteria and methodologies for identifying Green Hotels.


“We are pleased to be working with Sustainable Travel International as we continue to grow our green hotel offerings on Expedia.com,” said Tim MacDonald, senior vice president and general manager, Expedia.com. “We share STI’s mission to educate the world about sustainable travel. We offer green hotel choices, carbon offsets and more. This effort is in keeping with our mission to be the best place to book travel."


Expedia has created many avenues for eco-certified properties to be found on Expedia.com. STI’s Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program (STEP) and other certified travel providers who are affiliated with Expedia can highlight their participation in the program by registering via Expedia Partner Central. All STEP-certified businesses that are affiliated with Expedia will be designated at 2nd and 3rd tier levels, and listed providers can showcase their commitment to green hotel operations.


Green Hotels can be found through the following: in Award & Affiliation on the hotel info site on the details page; as an Amenity, searchable under the category of “Green/Sustainability”; and on the Green Hotels list, searchable by destination. These new features are part of Expedia’s efforts to expand the resources available to eco-conscious travelers.

Visit www.sustainabletravel.com.



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