Globus Family of Brands Unveils Marketing Campaign

The Globus family of brands is introducing a new marketing initiative for travel agents focused on getting back to the basics, while simplifying agents’ lives. “Our new campaign embodies a shift in thinking: A promise to improve our agents’ days, their business and their clients’ experiences,” said Steve Born, vice president of marketing for the Globus family of brands. “To simplify lives is an easy task for a supplier and an absolute necessity for our agents to succeed.”

The Globus family of brands’ new campaign pays off the simple approach by focusing on client triggers: Giving agents hooks that they can use easily to prospect travelers and grow business. For instance, if a client is interested in traveling to Italy for the first time, they might say to their agent, “Can I get around if I don’t know Italian?” or “I want a hotel in the middle of it all.” After hearing ‘first time’ as well as worry from the traveler about how she will navigate the city, an agent might recommend one of Monograms’ Italian packages, perfect for first-time travelers to the destination, thanks, in part, to the Monograms Local Host who is on-site to point travelers in the right direction.

Since 2000, the travel agent landscape has changed significantly: The number of agents has decreased by nearly 70,000 yet the amount of people traveling has increased by 200 million. And, in the last two years, product information and deals galore have inundated agent ‘in-boxes’ as the world has embraced technology, sending nearly two million emails each second. In short, there’s more work for fewer agents,” Globus says. 

The layout of the company’s new print campaign is a simple as its messaging, introducing horizontal ads with interesting, standout fonts and short text bursts to attract attention while providing needed information to agents.

The new advertising is only the first step in the company’s ‘keep it simple’ promise: The Globus family is changing every agent communication touch point. “We want agents to get exactly what they need as quickly as possible,” said Jennifer Halboth, director of marketing for the Globus family of brands. “Where there were three pages of information, there’s now one. Where there was one page of copy, there’s now a sticker on the outside of a box or a searchable Web site.”

According to Halboth, “This initiative – from print advertising down to email communication and training – is designed to give agents the quick and useful insight they need to thrive.”

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