Releases Its October Hotwire Travel Savings Indicator has released its October 2011 Hotwire Travel Savings Indicator, which features the top five cities in North America where hotel, air and car rental rates have dropped the most.

Results are calculated during the second week of each month by looking at Hotwire booking data for select regions in the current month and comparing prices in the current month against Hotwire prices in the same month in the previous year. The prices are compared within the same categories for consistency and the percent change in price for each region is generated as an overall average of the changes in those categories. Actual prices may end up being lower or higher than the examples provided.

Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group, said, “Prices in destinations across the country continue to fluctuate. Many top markets are seeing higher prices right now, but there are still several cities that continue to offer deep discounts in shoulder season. Popular local destinations in both Tennessee and Idaho are offering some great savings to travelers this month. Meanwhile, Hawaii is still going strong as a hot market for any visitor looking to enjoy some sun and sand before the Holiday season hits.”

The hotel top five for October includes:
1.    Rochester, NY with a 12 percent decrease, $75 per night.
2.    Chattanooga, TN with a 7 percent decrease, $115 per night.
3.    Boise, ID with a 7 percent decrease, $51 per night.
4.    Santa Fe, NM with a 6 percent decrease, $120 per night.
5.    Willamsburg, VA with a 5 percent decrease, $62 per night.

The airfare top five for October includes:
1.    Knoxville, TN with a 11 percent decrease, $296.
2.    Kahului, HI with a 3 percent decrease, $456.
3.    Phoenix, AZ with a 3 percent decrease, $246.
4.    Boise, ID with a 1 percent decrease, $282.
5.    Chicago, IL with a 1 percent decrease, $242.

The car rental top five for October includes:
1.    Honolulu, HI with a 59 percent decrease, $17.
2.    Washington, D.C. with a 57 percent decrease, $28.
3.    Orlando, FL with a 51 percent decrease, $17.
4.    Boston, MA with a 49 percent decrease, $22.
5.    Las Vegas, NV with a 48 percent decrease, $25.

The hotel prices are examples for a particular Hot Rate deal within the market and the airfare and car rental prices are average prices based on bookings across all car and seat classes., launched in 2000, is a leading discount travel site that helps travelers book unsold airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars. 


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