Karisma To Add New Wedding, Wellness Programs

Travel Agent sat down with Mandy Chomat, vice president of sales and marketing for Karisma Resorts, and learned that the Mexico all-inclusive company will be adding two new programs to enhance guests’ experiences.

For all new bookings in September, Karisma will be making some impressive additions to its wedding packages at all of its resorts. The two noteworthy components are a butler for the bride on the day of the wedding and a Groom’s Room, also for the day of the wedding.

The female butler will attend to all last-minute needs a bride may have on her wedding day from getting a particular brand of lipstick to some last-minute change to her hair.

“Basically, it’s to put the bride’s mind at ease, knowing that she won’t have any added stress on the day of her wedding,” Chomat told us. “The butler will take care of anything she needs last minute.”

The Groom’s Room will be provided to the groom from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the day of the wedding and will basically serve as a safe haven for him and his buddies to escape to. The room will be stocked with refreshments from chicken wings to beers in an effort to keep him and his groomsmen from interfering with the bride’s preparations.

“It’s basically like a last-minute, mini-bachelor party,” Chomat said.

Also, beginning in June for all new bookings, the company’s El Dorado properties will be home to a new wellness program where guests will be assigned a nutritionist to work with on healthy eating habits and light exercise in order to “make the guests feel better about themselves without having to go to a gym full of fit guests,” Chomat said.

“Sometimes people who don’t work out too much feel uncomfortable being in a gym with muscular people flexing their biceps,” Chomat said. “This gives them a personal experience and a different way to feel better about yourself while vacationing.”

The program will be $200 but is free for the entire month of June.

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