No Shirts, No Shoes, Excellent Service

For those clients who find clothing to be too constraining, keep an eye out for the opening of Germany's first hotel for nudists, to be located in the southwestern Black Forest region of the country. Clothes will be strictly forbidden on the premises.

According to ABC News Online, investors plan to set up a hotel catering exclusively to nudists in the picturesque town of Freudenstadt—which incidentally translates as “Town of Joys.”


Guests will be able to avoid embarrassing situations such as this at Germany's planned nudist hotel.

Guests will be required to remove their clothes at the entrance and must be naked at all times while on the premises, according to the strict house rules. The rules further state that all guests must put towels on chairs and loungers before using them, that there be no sexual harassment and that all sexual activity in commonly accessible rooms is strictly forbidden. People who break the rules will have to put their clothes on and leave.

"We hope to open as soon as possible," Silvia Probsthain, a member of staff at the planned Hotel Rosengarten, told SPIEGEL ONLINE. "It will be the first comprehensively nudist hotel in Germany."

It may not, however, be a done deal. Freudenstadt's tourism director Michael Krause told SPIEGEL ONLINE that the contracts for the hotel hadn't been finalized yet and that it was unclear when the project will go ahead. "I'm in two minds," he said. "It's always good if a new hotel is set up but I'd prefer a normal hotel concept."

There are similar hotels catering for nudists in Scandinavia, Croatia and the south of France.

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