Holbox Island, Mexico Resort Adds New Holistic Center

Ser Casasandra on Mexico’s Holbox Island has announced the opening of Ahal Holistic Center. The new center presents the space and facilities to practice alternative healing therapies.

The new building has been developed within two maritime containers. Set amid the hotel gardens, the new holistic center offers space for therapies, massage consultations, group talks, conferences, creative workshops, yoga classes and Pilates. The ethos of Ser Casasandra is rooted within the mission of the center and focuses on three interconnected pillars: Art, community and spirituality.

One of the most comprehensive therapeutic methods practiced at Ahal is Synchrodynamics. This technique, which studies the psychosomatic processes between the mind and the body, is the result of the joint work of the osteopath Juan Miguel Sánchez and the founder of Ahal, Sandra Perez (Habiramy).

Ahal’s yoga teacher and collaborator, Luchi Bogner, conducts yoga sessions for all levels, dance workshops and healing rituals (Moon Ceremony and Cacao Ceremony). A range of yoga programs are also available throughout the week. Ser Casasandra also offers practices specifically aimed at couples and women, such as water therapy, energy cleansing, "surrender to love" (therapy for women), "renew your love" (therapy for couples) and yoga in the sea.

Ser Casasandra’s personalized wellness programs are available to those who request them, be it hotel guests or anyone interested in receiving specialized care. The duration of the programs vary according to the needs of each person, although it is recommended to carry out at least three days of therapy.

For more information, www.casasandra.com.

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