Swimming at Caesars


Caesars’ “Garden of the Gods” is an eight-pool plaza with something for every member of the family


Las Vegas may have stepped back a bit from pitching itself as a family-friendly destination, but families do still go there, whether as part of a business trip or for leisure. With so much adult activity going on throughout the city the question naturally arises: What can the kids do while the parents are engaged in grown-up pursuits, and what can the families do together?

Caesars Palace may have hit upon a clever answer. As part of a recent renovation, the resort is soft-opening a new pool plaza, dubbed the “Garden of the Gods,” that has something for every member of the family. While Travel Agent has covered the Vegas pool scene before, we’ve never seen anything like this.

Eight unique pools (five of them new) make the Garden a “destination within a destination,” as Caesars calls it. The Garden has been designed by Allard & Conversano for optimal sunbathing (check out the Apollo pool for the best rays), but there is also plenty of shade throughout the day. The pools are all shallow (mostly around 4 feet deep), making them ideal for children.

Kids and parents can relax in and around the classic Temple Pool, a circular structure with statues and columns where the folks can have a clear view of their kids as they splash and swim. To access the pool, bathers have to walk down several steps into the water—a popular feature to aid swimmers-in-training. The new Neptune Pool, meanwhile, serves as a social hub for the Garden, with eight cabanas, 24 day beds and chaise lounge chairs.

Of course, it’s Vegas, and the gaming shouldn’t end just for a swim. Parents will appreciate the Fortuna Pool, which has a swim-up blackjack table and a special Scotch menu. (Kids can play elsewhere while the folks get on with their game.) Sun lounges nearby are ideal meeting spots for grown-ups.

Women who want some sun without tan lines will love the Venus Pool, a secluded European-style retreat for topless tanning. (The pool can’t be seen from the rest of the Garden, so no worries about shielding innocent eyes.) Swank food and beverage choices are available, including a roving margarita and mojito cart, and guests can relax in 11 cabanas and on couches, day beds and chaise lounge chairs. Admission is $20 for men and $10 for ladies Sunday through Thursday, $10 more on Fridays and Saturdays.

Other features include “Grape Goddesses” who hand out frozen grapes on hot days, and tan specialists who advise guests on how to get that perfect glow. Poolside cabanas and many daybeds and scoop chairs are available for rental.

The travel agent liaison is Annette Weishaar.