The Venetian Las Vegas Creates Historic Gondola Display

The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas have put up a new seasonal display that features one of the world's oldest Venetian gondolas. The historic gondola, thought to be constructed around 1850, is considered by experts to be one of the best surviving examples of Venetian gondolas from the period. The vessel spans 36 feet and is nearly five feet wide.

On display in the resorts’ waterfall atrium, guests can walk around the gondola and read the story of this preserved artifact and learn about the boat that symbolizes Venetian culture. The vessel’s elaborate wood carvings indicate that this gondola was likely used for weddings and special occasions. It has its original paint finish, black, the color mandated by Venetian law passed in 1562, and still current to this day. 

The gondola also includes a felze – or cabin – that was used to provide privacy as well as protect travelers from the weather. The windows of the felze would be closed with louvered shutters, or what is now known as Venetian blinds. The original 1800s furniture is still on the gondola, as well as a 19th century etched glass windows and hardware.

The antique was once thought to be built as early as 1815, but clues from its design led appraisers to conclude it was constructed around 1850. According to gondola historians, the asymmetrical design of the boat came about in 1850, affording the gondolier with better balance while rowing.

To commemorate the artifact's arrival to the resort, the gondola is displayed among a collection of hundreds of flowers in the atrium gardens, After the seasonal display concludes, the gondola will return to the resort's archives until a future display location can be determined.

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