Wyndham Launches Online Rental Property Portal

Wyndham Exchange & Rentals announced Friday the launch of www.wyndhamrentals.com, a site that includes listings from 20-plus rental property brands and more than 85,000 vacation rental properties around the world.

The company launched the site after performing a research study that found more than half of American travelers preferred rental-type amenities such as appliances over tech-based add-ons or other amenities.

A solid 55 percent of those surveyed valued appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers while on vacation. These amenities are more commonly found in rental properties, not hotels. The presence of a living room in a hotel also ranked high on travelers' list of preferences, with 60 percent saying they would spend more time at their hotel room if it included a living room.
Visit www.wyndhamrentals.com.