Insight Vacations Launches New Egypt Tours

Exciting news for budding Egyptologists: Insight Vacations is launching some new Egyptian itineraries for January 2015. Concerned? Don't be. Insight is celebrating the recent peaceful elections elections with what they say is an improved selection of itineraries exploring the country.

In a statement, Insight President Phil Cappelli said that the company has been keeping a close eye on the political and social situation in Egypt, and that groups would have plenty of security as well as a local tour director. 

“We have a long-standing history with Egypt and we are excited to continue this tradition,” Cappelli said. “We have made this decision after extensive consultation with our teams on the ground, and we will continue to maintain constant dialogue with our ground handlers.” The tours, he added, would include the brand's Signature Experiences, Signature Dining, and signature hotels.

The Itineraries

Insight is offering four Egyptian itineraries, the first of which is set to depart on January 8, 2015 with Insight Vacations’ Global CEO John Boulding.

"Wonders of Egypt" is a nine-day exploration of Egypt’s unique culture and history, including the ancient Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx crouching at the foot of Chephren’s Causeway. Guests can go on a five-day cruise down the Nile River and see the Luxor Temple and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

"Splendours of Egypt" is a 12-day trip from Cairo to Giza, Karnak, West Bank, Philae Island, and Aswan including an eight-day Nile cruise. Guests will explore the largest temple complex known to man, see the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and learn the art of sailing on a Nile felucca.

Cruise on two separate bodies of water on "Jewels of the Nile, Lake Nasser & Abu Simbel." This 11-day tour includes a four-day Lake Nasser cruise and a four-day Nile cruise with stops to see some of Egypt’s most symbolic destinations. Guests will see four towering statues of Ramesses in Abu Simbel’s Great Temple, take high tea at Aswan’s Old Cataract hotel and visit the Temple Hatshepsut in the West Bank.

"Egypt & Jordan" is a 12-day combination of Insight’s "Wonders of Egypt" and "Jordan Experience" tours that takes guests from Jordan’s Crusader forts to the world’s oldest pyramid. In addition to a five-day Nile cruise, guests explore Cairo, Amman, Jerash and Petra.
For reservations, agents can contact Insight Vacations at 800-582-8380. (Insight pays minimum 10 percent commission on land.) For more information or to order brochures, visit Insight Vacations’ website at