LaGuardia to Get AirTran

railNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans for a new AirTrain to connect LaGuardia Airport with the 7 subway line, the New York Observer reports. 

The new AirTran will extend from the 7 subway stop at Willets Point to LaGuardia, lending the airport the same type of rail link that connects John F. Kennedy Airport to New York's subway system. Currently, no rail link exists to LaGuardia. 

“You can’t get to LaGuardia by train there and that really is inexcusable. And that we’re going to change over the next several years,” Cuomo told the Observer and other reporters at an Association for a Better New York breakfast in Manhattan.

The Global Gateway Alliance (GGA), an organization dedicated to advocating for improvements in New York City area airports, released a statement expressing cautious support for the proposal. 

“Despite the importance of our airports, key investments into their future have been consistently squeezed into the middle seat," said GGA chairman and founder Joe Sitt
“GGA has long called for faster mass transit to LaGuardia Airport, and shown how far behind other airports it is in terms of access. Governor Cuomo’s new plan to finally construct a direct rail ride to LaGuardia would be a huge relief for millions of passengers each year and finally put us on par with leading airports around the country and the world.
“But let’s be clear: we do not need words or speeches; we need action – both on the state and federal level – to provide a budget and timeline quickly. Today’s speech shines a bright light on the kinds of investments needed, but we need to follow through and turn these words into action.”

No specific timing on the project has yet been announced.

"We need a couple of months to work up the design," Cuomo said.