The Latest: London Underground Strike in Full Swing

UPDATE: BBC News reports that a second strike of the London Underground is scheduled for August 5. This follows the largest tube strike in more than decade that occured last week. 

The strikes are being planned because workers are not happy with the shifts and pay associated with the new "Night Service" that is set to begin mid-September, explains BBC News. 

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Today in London, a massive tube strike has occurred, disrupting 4 million journeys on the local underground system, reports CNN.

CNN explains that the strike began after unions and the London Underground failed to meet an agreement on pay for the new “Night Tube” service that will begin in September.

This is new night service will give travelers all-night access to popular parts of the Tube on Friday and Saturdays.

This is the biggest strike on the London Underground in 13 years, reports The Guardian.

Many commuters in London were forced to walk to work or try and grab a spot on the packed buses.

The underground service will be offline until Friday morning, reports CNN. 

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