Martinique's Memorable Catamaran Excursion

Equipped now with three spacious and elegant catamarans, Les Ballades du Delphis offer full day excursions from two departure points on the Atlantic Coast of Martinique: Le François and Anse Spoutourne. Each catamaran has a capacity of 24 to 27 passengers.

Sailing include stops at:
-    Isle Loup-garou a little pink sanded island which is a nature reserve for turtles.
-    Isle Chancel, the only place in Martinique where you can spot iguanas.
-    Isle Madame with its white seabed.
-    Baie du Tresor (Treasure bay) overlooking by the historic Chateau Dubuc.
-    Baignoire de Josephine, where you can bathe in the crystal clear waters of the “fonds blancs” (white sea beds).

Excursions include Creole style lunch onboard. There is also the assistance of three crew members all day long. Price is about $100 per person. Visit for more information

Reservations: 011 596 696 79 94 30
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