All You Need to Know on Baja’s New Tourism Contribution

(Photo by the State Government of Baja California Sur) Governor Carlos Mendoza said that, as of November 9, the new fund will take effect.

Following this past weekend's implementation of what was initially described by the Associated Press as a new “tourism tax” in Baja California, Travel Agent has received additional details from the state government on how the process will work. The new policy is not a tax; the new “Fund for a Sustainable Baja California Sur” will rely on voluntary contributions from travelers – meaning that tourists will not be forced to pay. 

“The Fund for a Sustainable Baja Sur is a contribution created to support the ongoing development of sustainable infrastructure in the destination as well as the betterment of the local communities that make our destination so special,” Isidro Jordan, Secretary of Finance of the State of Baja California Sur, tells Travel Agent. “Unlike an ‘entry tax,’ visitors will not be forced or unduly coerced into making a contribution.”

The new fund, which officially went into effect this past Saturday, November 9, is $350 Mexican pesos, which equates to approximately $18 dollars depending on current exchange rates. Visitors will be able to make their contribution through a range of options, including digital kiosks and the website

Proceeds from the fund will support the ongoing development of sustainable infrastructure in the destination, as well as the development of local communities. The state is home to the popular tourist destination of Los Cabos, where 90 percent of residents rely on the travel sector either directly or indirectly for their livelihood. 

“We hope that both first-time and repeat visitors alike appreciate the value of this contribution and feel encouraged to support the ongoing resiliency and sustainability of the state,” Jordan says. 

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