Monaco Gets Ready for Royal Wedding

Just like when Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco, the storybook legacy of the Principality will begin a new chapter this summer when His Serene Highness Prince Albert II marries South African Olympic swimmer Charlène Wittstock.

On July 1, the civil wedding ceremony of Prince Albert and Miss Wittstock will take place in the Throne Room of the Prince’s Palace. Later that evening, a large concert will be offered by the newly-wedded couple at the Port for all residents and visitors: Jean-Michel Jarre will present a unique sound and light show.

On July 2, the religious wedding ceremony will take place in the Main Courtyard of the Prince’s Palace. To be celebrated by Monseigneur Bernard Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco, more than 3500 invited guests will witness the wedding on giant screens in the vicinity of the Palace and screens will also be set up at prime locations throughout the Principality to enable residents and visitors to watch the proceedings. After the wedding, the couple will take a special procession route in a Lexus luxury hybrid vehicle, underscoring Prince Albert’s commitment to environmental conservation, to the Church of Sainte Dévote where the bride will lay down her bouquet. The official dinner and a gala ball will be held at the Salle Garnier and the Terraces of the Casino later that evening followed by fireworks.

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