NTA OK's New China Inbound Operators

The National Tour Association (NTA) sent the second NTA approved tour operator list– part of the NTA China Inbound Program– to the U.S. Department of Commerce on July 10. Since the first list was sent May 2, 68 new companies have been added to the approved list, bringing the total to 160 tour operators.

The NTA compiled an approved tour operator list in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the U.S. and China in December 2007. The MOU serves as a framework for promoting leisure group travel from China to the United States. NTA's tour operator list is the only one currently transmitted to the Department of Commerce and the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

“NTA is encouraged by the growing interest in this opportunity for the U.S. inbound market,” said NTA President Lisa Simon. “As part of NTA’s China Inbound Program approved by CNTA, these 160 companies are now able to work with Chinese travel agents to bring Chinese leisure travelers to the United States. NTA will continue to help educate these travel professionals on this market so that the Chinese leisure traveler may have an enjoyable experience when touring the United States.”

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