Passport Online Launches Automated Social Media Posting for Travel Agents

Passport and travel documents.Passport Online has launched ESP, an automated social media posting tool for travel agents.

“ESP solves the two main challenges travel agents have in successfully adding social media to their marketing. With ESP, Passport Online is completely handling the creative requirements and saving the agents time by automatically posting engaging content for them on their consumer-facing Facebook pages through sophisticated integration via the Facebook API,” said Greg Kott, President & CEO of Passport Online, Inc.

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Passport Online is the website and e-marketing partner for ESP helps integrate social media marketing with website marketing, creating an e-marketing platform. The program requires sign up by the agent, and a connection by Passport Online to the agency’s Facebook pages. Agents control the frequency of posts, can review content prior to posting and opt out of any post. 

In addition to the launch of ESP at, supplier promotional packages for ESP will also be offered. Suppliers can include a series of posts each quarter in the promotional package.

Supplier posts will be designed as branding posts, allowing the supplier to present information about their products, their destinations and their activities. All deal-related posts will include an agency call to action for a special or specific offer and will link to a detailed offer page, or directly to the agent’s website if powered by Passport Online.