Cost of Space Travel Drops 50 Percent?


Thanks to RocketShip Tours and XCOR Aerospace, commercial space travel (slated to begin in 2011) will now cost 50 percent less. The cost of a suborbital space flight aboard the two-seated Lynx vehicle has been reduced to $95,000. This price includes a five-night stay at a luxury resort during training, complete medical evaluation and screening, comprehensive cancellation insurance and, of course, the Lynx flight itself.

RocketShip Tours is the result of a partnership between travel pioneer Jules Klar and XCOR Aerospace, builder and developer of the Lynx. Klar has been a successful innovator in the travel business since 1961 when he founded $5-A-Day Tours in partnership with Arthur Frommer.

For travel agents wishing to represent Rocketship Tours as Space Tourism Specialists, the company has created Space Tourism University, an online training program. The cost of enrollment in the program is $1,000, which will be offset by a $2,000 bonus on the first booking.  Commissions will be 10-15 percent on the $95,000 ticket depending on volume. The insurance policy included in the ticket price will enable RocketShip Tours to guarantee commissions, even in the event of cancellation. Agents will be permitted to deduct commissions at the time of final payment.


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